AES Corporation

AES Corporation empowers companies to grow profitable alarm monitoring businesses, and government agencies to enhance security anywhere in the world.


The AES-IntelliNet product family includes application-specific and general-purpose transceivers for monitoring and controlling remote devices. Because our radio-based private communications networks are completely owner-operated and controlled, you are never subject to costly third-party infrastructures or sunsetting technologies.

Alarm Communications

AES is a leading alarm equipment provider to the life safety, property and asset protection markets. AES-IntelliNet products include burglary and fire subscribers, interactive services, central station receivers, wireless transmission links and home arrest monitor units.

The AES-IntelliNet system is the industry’s only long-range private, wireless mesh alarm communications network. It consistently delivers higher performance and reliability, significantly faster critical event response speeds, and lower total cost of ownership than traditional alarm technologies that are based on Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), Global System for Mobile (GSM) communications or Internet Protocol (IP) connections.

Dealers and installers realize high RMR while reducing operating costs and eliminating telecommunication fees.  AES-IntelliNet networks can be easily expanded without any technology upgrades or infrastructure investments. Remote management from the central monitoring station lowers installation and ongoing labor costs.

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