AES Corporation

AES Corporation empowers companies to grow profitable alarm monitoring businesses, and government agencies to enhance security anywhere in the world.

Company Facts

A leader in the design and development of wireless alarm communications products using patented long-range mesh radio technology, deployed in over 85 countries across the globe.

Our History

AES Corporation was founded in 1974 as a contract-engineering firm providing PCB design and manufacturing services. In 1976, under contract to the US Government, AES began developing a family of products for the security industry. This family of products fueled the company’s growth for over two decades and today AES is a global leader in the security, fire and life safety industry with products deployed in over 85 countries.

In the mid-1990s, AES responded to growing demands for a communications network that would serve the security needs of clients dispersed over large geographic areas or in regions without phone or cellular service. The challenge was to create a 2-way data network that was reliable, self-adapting, and required no dedicated radio towers or reliance on local phone or cellular providers.

As a result, AES developed the first long range wireless mesh network and the patented AES-IntelliNet™ technology was released. AES-IntelliNet is the foundation for a new generation of technology offerings in the security field as well as other industries that find the benefits of wireless mesh technology well suited to their application requirements.

AES-IntelliNet quickly became the security industry leading technology and the company has expanded its products and services into other applications such as interactive services, home arrest monitoring, and multi-mode broadband wireless transmission solutions.

Today AES Corporation continues its commitment to AES-IntelliNet technology, developing new products and applications that allow Users worldwide to benefit from the advantages of wireless mesh networks.